Ten Ways That Fine Print Matters to Trucking Companies

Ten Ways That Fine Print Matters to Trucking Companies  ..

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Harsher Penalties for New and Experienced Drivers Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Effective June 27, 2014, Saskatchewan’s The Traffic Safety Act has been amended to provide harsher penalties for drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Two main categories of drivers are affected: drivers that are in the Motorcycle or Graduated Driving Programs (“new drivers”), and drivers that have graduated from their respective Graduated Driver Licensing Program (“experienced drivers”). ..

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Possible Regulatory Changes to Building and Maintaining Grade Crossings

The Canadian government has made a proposal to change the regulations regarding grade crossings in order to reduce the occurrences of deaths, injuries, property damage, and environmental damages. The proposed regulations, The Grade Crossing Regulations, apply to federally regulated public and private grade crossings. These regulations establish enforceable safety standards by rendering the Grade Crossing Standards as compulsory for both new and existing grade crossings. The roles and responsibilities of railway companies, road and private authorities, are clarified, and mechanisms are provided for collaboration amongst those groups. ..

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